Quaker Mill Dam Demolition Continues

The Quaker Mill Dam north of Manchester has slowly been coming down this past week.

Demolition started last Monday on the long-standing structure, which has been on private property since it was first built in the 1850’s. Doug Hawker’s parents have owned the property since 1999. Hawker says since that time, there’s been more and more flooding in that area and it came time to try to do something about it.

Removing the dam is just the start of this two-year project.

But removing the dam and starting this project has not been a popular choice with some local residents, who are sad to see it go. Hawker understands, calling it “bittersweet”. But he realizes changes were needed.

Hawker told KMCH that once the project is complete, his family would like to work with the County to turn the Quaker Mill property over to them so it can become public access for the first time in its history.

Crews are expected to finish tearing down the dam this week.

(photos courtesy of Doug Hawker)