Dyersville Reviews Options to Tackle Emerald Ash Borer Problem

The City of Dyersville is looking into how to address the Emerald Ash Borer problem.

Local arborist Steven Pregler presented his recommendations for a plan of action at this week’s Dyersville City Council meeting. Pregler recently took a survey of ash trees in the city’s right-of-ways. Of the 181 trees, 80 were found to be in poor condition – with ten of those high-risk. He’s recommending that the City schedule them for removal yet this year.

A tiny invasive metallic green insect known as the Emerald Ash Borer is killing ash trees across the county. It’s been discovered in about half of the counties in Iowa, including Dubuque, Clayton, Fayette and Linn counties. Pregler says the insect has been found in Dyersville… and that means eventually, all the city’s ash trees will die.

There are two options – remove the ash trees or treat them. Removing ash trees that sit in the city’s right-of-way and re-planting a different kind of tree could cost Dyersville around 250-thousand dollars. Treating all those ash trees would cost around 55-thousand dollars, but it’d have to be done every couple years at least.

The Dyersville City Council will likely consider a final plan of action in the coming weeks.