State Investigates Earlville Athletic Association’s Finances

The State Auditor’s Office released a report today on a special investigation of the Earlville Athletic Association.

The special investigation was requested by the Delaware County Sheriff and the Earlville City Clerk because the Association’s bank account balance was lower than expected.

A review of the Earlville Athletic Association’s finances from December 12, 2011 through July 10, 2016 have identified unauthorized payments issued from the Association’s bank account by the former Secretary/Treasurer, Kimberly Snyder.

The State Auditor reported the special investigation identified about $8,500 of improper disbursements, including $2,600 of utility payments and $1,500 of loan payments for Snyder’s personal residence or personal vehicle, $2,800 of purchases made from various vendors not related to the Earlville Athletic Association’s operations, and a $500 payment issued to Snyder’s husband which had no supporting documentation.

The improper disbursements identified also include $825 of improper cash withdrawals from the Earlville Athletic Association’s bank account. The State Auditor says it was not possible to determine if additional amounts were improperly disbursed or if any collections were not properly deposited because adequate records were not available.

The report also includes recommendations to strengthen the Earlville Athletic Association’s internal controls and overall operations, such as improving segregation of duties, maintaining supporting documentation for all disbursements, and maintaining adequate financial records, including ledgers, receipt books, and bank reconciliations.

You can find the full report here: