Atheist Group Wants to Donate Bibles to Delaware County Group

An atheist organization says they’d like to donate Bibles to the group that is reading the religious book on the Delaware County courthouse grounds.

Justin Scott with the Eastern Iowa Atheists say they are prepared to make a donation of Bibles to the Kingdom Builders. Scott tells KMCH that the Eastern Iowa Atheists actually feel reading the Bible – versus just accepting what religious leaders tell you about what’s in it – is “the best way to create more atheists”, noting many Bible stories are often overlooked.

He’s asking anyone who is interested in donating a Bible to the Kingdom Builders on behalf of the Eastern Iowa Atheists to contact him at

The Kingdom Builders plans to complete the Bible readings from June 26th through July 4th on the courthouse grounds, as well as pass out section of the Bible to be read throughout Delaware County. It’s part of a statewide effort to read the Bible in front of every courthouse in all of Iowa’s 99 counties.