Wednesday Night Tornadoes Rated EF2s

The tornadoes that hit portions of the KMCH listening area on Wednesday night have been rated as EF2s.

Donna Dubberke, Warning Coordination Meteorologist at the National Weather Service in the Quad Cities, tells KMCH that their storm survey teams have surveyed the tornado damage.

They say the tornado that caused damage to homes, vehicles and the Nagel Grain facility in Prairieburg had winds estimated at 120 miles per hour (tornado pictured below taken from Highway 13 as it moved between Central City and Coggon – courtesy of KCRG-TV9/Kim Moorman).

The second tornado, which touched down north of Monticello near Sand Springs, also had winds estimated at 120 miles per hour. That tornado tore through the Freese farm on Jones-Delaware Road, damaging the house, crops and other buildings. Below you’ll find a photo of the funnel cloud/tornado moving away from the Sand Springs area and several photos of tornado damage in the Sand Springs area (courtesy of Steve Turnis/funnel cloud photo courtesy of Sara Krause via Steve Turnis).

Tornado touchdowns were also reported by trained spotters just northwest of Cascade and two miles north of Worthington on Wednesday night. Dubberke says the NWS storm survey teams believe the Cascade tornado is the same tornado that touched down in the Sand Springs area. She says there is no known damage near Worthington.

Tornadoes can receive a rating of anywhere from EF0 to EF5, with EF0 having the lowest wind speeds at 65 to 85 miles per hour and EF5 the highest at more than 200 miles per hour.