Sen. Breitbach Pushed for New State Law to Help Truck Drivers

A new state law went into effect on Saturday that may reduce some paperwork for truckers and companies that haul cargo.

The law deals with so-called “straight trucks” that are different from semis that pull loaded trailers. Straight trucks carry cargo in the body of the truck. Iowa law had restricted the length of “straight trucks” to 41 feet. Iowa’s new law lets a single truck operate on the state’s roads if it’s four feet longer — 45 feet from bumper-to-bumper.

During the 2017 legislative session, Senator Michael Breitbach of Strawberry Point encouraged his colleagues to back the move.

The federal government sets a minimum size for SEMI tractors and trailers, but size limits for straight trucks vary from state to state. Iowa’s new law will align with straight truck size limits in Missouri, Minnesota, South Dakota and Kansas. It also means a straight truck that’s 45-feet long will be able to travel the entire length of Interstate 35 from Minnesota to Texas without getting permits for being oversized.


(story courtesy of Radio Iowa)