DNR Investigates Dubuque County Fish Kill

The DNR is investigating a fish kill in Dubuque County.

It happened in and near the east side of White Pine Hollow State Preserve in the northwest corner of the county.

The DNR checked out the scene last week and found a cattle feedlot near Luxemburg was the source of manure runoff into an unnamed tributary of White Pine Hollow creek.

The cattle feedlot owners, James Schieltz and Joseph Schieltz, cooperated with the DNR investigation. They cleaned up the manure spill and stopped any further manure flow into the creek.

DNR fisheries staff counted about 1,300 dead fish along two miles of stream, including darters, suckers, creek chubs and trout. Many fish couldn’t be identified due to decay.

DNR staff will monitor clean-up activities and will consider appropriate enforcement action, including fish restitution.