WD Board Reviews Activities Policy Survey Results

Discussion continued regarding West Delaware’s Wednesday and Sunday activities policy at Monday night’s School Board Meeting.  At issue is whether to keep or change the current policy, which does not allow activities on Wednesday nights or Sundays, which are considered “family time” or “Church night”.

A survey was conducted on the school website, where the public could give their opinion on the policy.  The majority of the respondents would like to see no change to the current policy.  During the public comments portion of the meeting, community members Gary and Pat Johnson spoke for keeping the policy in place:

During the discussion, board member Tom King noted that many of the activities, such as sports clubs, are not sponsored by the school and the policy does not apply to them.

One of the changes being proposed is to allow activities such as sports practices to take place on Sundays in the summer after 5:00pm, which would be optional for students to attend.  The current policy allows events to take place on Wednesdays during the summer, but not during the school year.

Also, special permission can be granted by the superintendent if, for example, a sports practice needs to be held with no other option available.  Superintendent Dr. Kristen Rickey stated she has a process to determine approval if that issue comes up.

The board will vote on how the policy will be worded at their August meeting, and the first reading of the policy will be held at the September meeting.

You can find a link to the survey results HERE.