Dyersville Wants Public Input on Town’s Future Design

Dyersville is asking its residents to help design the town for the future.

Last month, a Steering Committee met as a group for the first time to gather ideas on comprehensive and downtown plans for the city. They’ll be meeting regularly to identify goals and priorities for Dyersville in the next twenty years.

But they want the public’s input. Dyersville residents are asked to stop by the Public Design Studio at the Dyersville Social Center tonight from 5 to 7 pm. You can share ideas, draw concepts and explore different possibilities for the town’s future. Feel free to stop by for fifteen minutes or the entire session.

Dyersville residents are also encouraged to take an online survey to provide some feedback on the opportunities and challenges Dyersville faces – you can find a link to the survey by clicking here: https://rdgusa.com/sites/dyersville/.