Residents Surveys Needed to Move Petersburg Wastewater Project Forward

Officials are hoping to move forward with the Petersburg wastewater project, but they need a little help from the residents in order to do that.

Mark Schneider from the ECIA and Larry Nagle from EIRUSS say the site for the lagoon has been identified, but they are concerned about the lack of responses to the income survey that was sent to Petersburg residents.

The survey asks for income information, which is necessary in order for Petersburg to qualify for grant funding. The survey is being conducted by a third-party organization based out of Missouri and they have made numerous attempts to get this much-needed information from Petersburg residents.

Officials say they realize residents may be hesitant about providing personal information, but they say this organization is the only entity that will see the income information they provide.

If the required amount of surveys are not received, they’ll need look into applying for loans instead of grants – which would obviously be more costly to the community.