Valued Volunteer – Mary Lou Mangold

Congratulations to our latest “Valued Volunteer” Mary Lou Mangold. Mary Lou was nominated for her volunteer work at the Good Neighbor Home. Below is the nomination letter sent by Steve Werner, GNS Plant and Operations Director:

“I would like to nominate Mary Lou Mangold of Manchester as the next Valued Volunteer based on her service to the Good Neighbor Home.

About 3 years ago, GNH was in need of volunteers to transport residents who were in wheel chairs to and from breakfast during the week and Mary Lou was approached about serving GNH’s residents in this capacity a couple of times each week. Mary Lou agreed to do this but not just a couple of days but for 5 days a week (Monday through Friday), beginning around 7-7:15AM for about an hour each day.

At that time Mary Lou’s father was a resident, but even after Harlan passed away (Jan 2015), Mary Lou continued to provide daily transportation to GNH residents in wheel chairs each and every morning.

Because of this dedication to GNH and the way Mary Lou always wears a smile, is kind in word and action to our residents and is flexible on days when the schedule is altered due to circumstances beyond our control, I believe she deserves to be recognized for her service.”

The Valued Volunteer is sponsored by Delaware County ISU Extension and the Manchester Chamber.  You can nominated someone here.