Protective Vest Donated to Linn County K9

Linn County’s K9 is getting a bullet- and stab-protective vest.

It’s all thanks to a donation from a non-profit organization based in Massachusetts called Vested Interest in K9s, who is committed to providing this potentially lifesaving body armor for our furry four-legged officers across the country.


Each vest is valued around two thousand dollars. Since the organization was established in 2009, they’ve provided over 2,600 protective vests to K9s in all 50 states through private and corporate donations.


The vest that will be delivered to Linn County K9 Bingo was sponsored by a fundraiser hosted by the Alaska K9 Center in memory of Alaska State Trooper K9 Helo.


(photo of Linn County Sheriff’s Office K9 Bingo and Deputy Derek Steines courtesy of Linn County Sheriff’s Office)