Candlelight Vigil Held In Manchester To Denounce Violence; Racism

In 1963 Pastor Bill Cotton was a Minister in Colesburg.  He and several other clergy joined together on the courthouse steps in Manchester to show their support for Martin Luther King Jr. and the March on Washington.  Fast forward almost 55 years…and Pastor Cotton was in Manchester showing his support for those standing up against violence and racism in Charlottesville, Virginia:

Sherry Kernan of Manchester invited Pastor Cotton, who is now retired and lives in Des Moines to take part the vigil:

Reverend Abraham Funchess from the Jubilee UMC Resource Center in Waterloo was another one of the guest speakers:

Tammy Gertsen traveled to Manchester from Oxford Junction:

Ralph Kephart of Manchester said he was there to stand up for what is right:

Robin Stone of Manchester helped organize the vigil:

Stone says events like Thursday night’s candle light vigil are just a start:

About 50 people gathered on the steps at Shelly Park by the Whitewater Park in Manchester for the event.