Candidate Filing Begins for City Elections

Interested in serving on your city council? Anyone who wants to run can now file as a candidate.


Candidates who wish to run for office in Manchester, Colesburg, Delaware, Delhi, Dundee, Earlville, Edgewood, Greeley, Hopkinton, Masonville or Ryan can file to run through the Delaware County Auditor’s Office at the courthouse in Manchester.


Since the November 7th election will also serve as a “Special Election” for Delaware County, the position of “Delaware County Treasurer – To Fill Vacancy” will also appear on the ballot.  The same filing period applies to this position.  Partisan candidates should contact their respective political party chairpersons regarding potential nomination.  Those wishing to run as “nominated by petition” must file their nomination papers with the Delaware County Auditor within the filing period.


Candidate filings must include nomination petitions and an affidavit of candidacy for each candidate.  For a city position, a candidate must be an eligible elector of the city (and city ward if applicable) at the time of filing nomination papers and at the time of election.  The positions available and number of signatures required varies by city.  For the County Treasurer position, candidates must be a Delaware County resident at the time of canvass.


The deadline to file papers for candidacy in the November election is Thursday, September 21st at 5 pm.