Ballot Issues for West Delaware and Ed-Co Voters

Along with choosing new school board members in Tuesday’s elections, voters in the West Delaware and Ed-Co school districts will be deciding on ballot issues.

West Delaware is asking voters to extend the district’s Revenue Purpose Statement. There is a one-cent sales tax that was set by the Iowa Legislature for the entire state several years ago support schools. Each district is required to have a statement that describes how they’ll use those funds – and West Delaware’s is called the Revenue Purpose Statement. West Delaware Superintendent Dr. Kristen Rickey says this is not a vote on a tax increase or a vote to save the tax itself – she says a “yes” vote simply allows the district to continue using the funds they receive for some of the same things they’ve always used them for.

If West Delaware voters don’t approve the Revenue Purpose Statement, the school district would still receive the funds, but they would be restricted in the ways they could use them. The district’s Revenue Purpose Statement is set to expire in 2022.

And Ed-Co voters have a big decision to make on a seven million dollar bond issue. The bond would provide funding for updates to Ed-Co’s junior/senior high school and elementary, including parking, maintenance and accessibility.

You can learn more about Ed-Co’s bond issue by clicking here: