Dyersville Leaning Towards Limiting Fireworks Sales to C2 Zoning

The Dyersville City Council would like to limit the sales of fireworks to its C2 commercial zoning area.

With Dyersville’s 120-day moratorium on the retail sale of consumer fireworks set to expire soon, the topic was brought up for discussion at the last council meeting.

City Administrator Mick Michel says selling fireworks in the downtown area where there are such close quarters between businesses exposes a risk to adjoining property owners in case there were a fire or accident. But allowing fireworks sales in C2 commercial zoning would mean businesses with larger space like Theisen’s and Payless Foods could sell them with a special use permit.

The Dyersville City Council has directed city staff to draft an ordinance, which will need to come back to the council for approval before it is official.