Catching Up with Former Congressman Jim Nussle

Radio Iowa recently caught up with former Congressman and Manchester resident Jim Nussle.

These days, Nussle is president and CEO of the Credit Union National Association. He was recently in Des Moines to address the Iowa Credit Union Convention.

Nussle says Iowa’s 94 not-for-profit credit unions have filled a void as banks throughout the country and in Iowa continue to consolidate.

Nussle, a Republican, served 16 years in congress representing northeast Iowa, including a stint as chairman of the House Budget Committee. He says congress seems to be locked in a system right now that’s promoting dysfunction and inaction.

Nussle says he’s reluctant to give advice to current members of congress because he doesn’t have the inside information they may have. But from the outside looking in, Nussle says it appears decisions on issues like health care, immigration, tax reform and infrastructure that could spur economic growth are languishing in congress. Nussle suggested the polarization in the congress could be addressed if more states adopted Iowa’s non-partisan system for drawing congressional district lines.

After running unsuccessfully for governor in 2006, President Bush appointed Nussle to serve as director of the Office of Management and Budget. Nussle has been president and CEO of the Credit Union National Association for three years.

(story courtesy of Radio Iowa)