Manchester’s Utility Project Won’t Effect Farmer’s Market

Manchester’s 2017 Utility Project started this week on East Delaware and South Tama streets, but city officials say it will not have any effect on the Manchester Farmer’s Market.

The last two Farmer’s Markets of the season are this Saturday and next Saturday, with vendors set up in the 100 block of South Tama Street next to the courthouse.

The City says sewer work will be done on South Tama next week. The contractor will remove the center portion of the street south of the alley in the 100 block of South Tama. That portion of the street will have gravel in it, but it will be available for use for that weekend’s Farmer’s Market.

The City says parking in the large gravel parking lot along South Tama will be limited because crews are using that space to store materials for the project.


(photo by Janelle Tucker, KMCH)