Wet Weather Slows Down Harvest for Second Week

Wet weather has slowed down the harvest for a second week in a row across the state. But with a good stretch of dry weather forecasted for this week, farmers are hoping to catch up.

We caught up with Bruce Knipper of Delhi last Friday. Like many other farmers, he had to adjust his schedule as the rain kept pouring.

Despite the rain, Earlville farmer Larry Maiers told us last week that things are looking pretty good.

The sun finally made a return Monday, allowing farmers to get back into the fields. Curt Boeckenstedt of Edgewood wasn’t wasting any time.

Boeckenstedt says they’ve been able to wrap up the soybean harvest.

The USDA says just 13 percent of the corn crop has been harvested – that’s about two weeks behind average and the smallest percentage harvested by this date since 2009 and over 2 weeks behind average. Meanwhile, thirty-two percent of the soybean crop has been harvested, the lowest percentage harvested by this date since 1985.