Farmers Hold Panel Discussion at World Food Prize Event

Farmers from 14 different countries discussed their concerns at a World Food Prize event in Des Moines Tuesday.

Participants in the Global Farmer Roundtable shared many common concerns – access to inputs such as capital availability, labor availability, and land and rent prices. Argentinean farmer Pedro Vigneau talked about an issue in his country that many Iowans notice here as well.

“People, every minute, are a little bit more far away from the farm and from farming,” Vigneau said.

Other panelists shared Vigneau’s concern about a growing disconnect between farmers and consumers. “How can we connect with urban people? How can we communicate with them…in the way that they can build some confidence and trust?”

Balancing cost competitiveness with sustainability and consumer demands on their production practices was another common concern expressed by panel participants.


(story courtesy of Radio Iowa/Brownfield Ag News)