Kansas Police Officers Bring Special Gift to Fallen Anamosa Officer’s Son

Police officers from around the country are reaching out to support the son of a fallen local officer.

Anamosa police officer Mitch Kelchen died in a car crash over Labor Day weekend while off duty. After his death, Kelchen’s oldest son, Shane, collected business cards from other officers. But another student at his school destroyed the cards.

Since then, police departments have sent Shane more than 10,000 cards.

On Friday, officers from Kansas City, Kansas, got involved and presented a special gift to the family in Bellevue, where the Kelchens live. They gave him two frames full of more than 150 business cards, including one of Mitch Kelchen’s cards.

Shane’s mom, Tina Kelchen, says the support her family has received since her husband’s death has been more than she expected.



(story courtesy of Associated Press; photo courtesy of Anamosa Police Department/Anamosa Journal-Eureka)