Area Legislators Answer Questions at Delaware Co. Legislative Roundtable

Delaware County Economic Development hosted their fifth annual Legislative Roundtable and Tours on Friday.

This year’s event was held in Edgewood, with a group of community leaders, business professionals and students touring Kendrick Forest Products, Forever Cabinets by Kendrick and The Markket.

Afterwards, the group took part in a Legislative Roundtable luncheon at the Edgewood Locker Event Center with two state legislators from the area. State Senator Dan Zumbach of Ryan and State Representative Lee Hein of Monticello took questions from the audience for about an hour.

One person wanted to know if it was possible for the State of Iowa to find ways to bring in additional revenue. State Senator Dan Zumbach:

Regional Medical Center CEO Charlie Button asked the legislators what improvements can be done in the healthcare sector. State Representative Lee Hein:

Another concern from the audience dealt with the lack of transportation funding for rural school districts.

A handful of students from Ed-Co, Maquoketa Valley and West Delaware also participated in the discussion with legislators. The audience was impressed by the question of one Ed-Co student in particular.

Senator Zumbach says Delaware County’s Legislative Roundtable is an event he always looks forward to.

The upcoming Legislative Session will get underway January 8th.