Manchester Man Hit by Car on Honey Creek Road

A Manchester man was taken to the hospital after he was hit by a car Thanksgiving morning.

The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office says around 3 am Thursday, dispatch received a call from a driver who believed she had hit either a deer or a person on Honey Creek Road just north of Manchester. Manchester Police went to the accident scene with her, where they found some blood on the road, but they didn’t see anything else so it was assumed she had a hit a deer and then it ran away.

Later that morning, the Sheriff’s Office received a call from RMC’s emergency room that they were treating a man who believed he had been hit by a car the night before. Authorities say Aaron Paulson admitted to being out in the roadway at about the same time as the accident that was reported earlier. Authorities say he also admitted to being intoxicated and crossing the road when he was struck by the car.

Paulson walked home after the accident, but was later taken to the hospital by a family member. Authorities say he suffered minor injuries, including severe bruises.

The driver, Maggie Rowden of Fort Dodge, was not hurt.