Construction on New Manchester Hotel to Start in Spring

Construction will start on a new Manchester hotel next year. The deal was sealed when the Manchester City Council approved a development agreement last week with Boulders Inn and Suites.

That’s Manchester City Manager Tim Vick. Similar to other hotels, Boulder asked for local investors to provide capital to get things rolling. Vick says investors are covering 20-percent of the total cost, with a couple investors still yet to sign.

The new Boulders Inn and Suites hotel will be located in the southwest corner of AJ Spiegel’s subdivision on the west end of Manchester along the Highway 13/Highway 20 interchange. It’s the first business to announce plans to build in that subdivision. Vick says the hotel will have 32 rooms and a breakfast area – but no pool – which has disappointed some local residents.

Manchester currently has two hotels – Days Inn and America’s Best Value Inn & Suites – but a recent feasibility study revealed that Manchester visitors are looking for a different quality of hotel. Some potential visitors are choosing to stay in Dyersville or Independence instead of Manchester, with the study showing that Manchester is losing 40-thousand dollars in hotel/motel tax and one million dollars in retail sales every year.

Construction on the new hotel will start this spring, with about eleven months to build. Vick says if all goes well, the hotel could be open a year from now, but it will likely be early 2019.