Elk Shot and Killed in Dubuque County

An elk was shot and killed in Dubuque County over the weekend.

The DNR made the decision to put the animal down after determining it was a risk to livestock and human health.

A hunter had first seen the elk on a trail camera near Cascade in October. On Friday, a farmer reported an elk similar in size to the one caught on camera. Then on Saturday morning, hunters spotted an elk in the same area as the farmer. They called the DNR.

Whenever an elk is seen, the DNR must report it to the state to see if anyone has reported elk missing from their property. No elk was reported missing, but the animal did have a mark in its ear where a tag used to be – showing it was likely not a wild elk.

But the DNR says when privately-raised animals like elk escape they pose a health risk to the wild deer herd, so officers shot and killed the elk on Saturday.