City of Manchester’s Audit Report Released

The City of Manchester’s audit report has been released for the 2016-2017 fiscal year.

The City’s receipts totaled just over 10 million dollars for the year – that’s a 19-percent increase from the year before. That included two-point-five million dollars from charges for service, two-point-four million dollars in property tax and other city tax and one-point-nine million dollars in proceeds from general obligation bonds. That also included 512-thousand dollars from local option sales tax, 425-thousand dollars of tax increment financing and nearly 47-thousand dollars from hotel/motel tax.

The City of Manchester’s disbursements for the year totaled over nine-point-one million dollars – that’s a three-percent increase from the year before. That included one-point-nine million dollars for public safety, one-point-six million dollars for business-type activities, one-point-three million dollars for public works and one-point-two million dollars for debt service.

If you’d like to review the City’s audit report, a copy is available in the City Clerk’s Office at Manchester City Hall or you can also find it online on the State Auditor’s website.