Grassley Nominates Two Local Students for U.S. Service Academy Appointments

U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley has nominated two local students to be considered for appointment to U.S. service academies.

Nathan Betts has been nominated for appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy, along with nineteen other students from across the state. Betts is also one of six Iowa students who Grassley nominated for appointment to the U.S. Merchant Marines.

Senator Grassley also nominated Levi Tuecke of Garnavillo for the U.S. Air Force Academy, along with nine other students.

A total of 44 students were nominated by Grassley.

Students interested in academy appointments should begin the application process in the spring of their junior year of high school.

The U.S. Air Force Academy, U.S. Military Academy and U.S. Naval Academy all select at least one qualified student from Grassley’s nominations, while the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy make selections in proportion to states’ representation in Congress.