Dyersville City Council Meeting Recap

The Dyersville City Council met for the first time in the new year on Tuesday night, with several new faces at the table.

New mayor Jim Heavens led the meeting, with new council members Jim Gibbs and Tom Westhoff also on hand.

Mayor Heavens swore in several city officials, including Mayor Pro-Tem Mike English and City Attorney Marc Casey.

The Dyersville City Council approved raising the City Attorney’s compensation from 100 dollars per hour to 135 dollars per hour.

The Council also approved the Transportation Alternative Program Agreement for the Dyersville Park Connection. RPA 8 has approved a 250-thousand dollar grant for a bridge to connect Westside Park to Candy Cane Park, which are located on opposite sides of the North Fork Maquoketa River. We’ll have more on this story in upcoming newscasts on KMCH.

The Council has also asked City Administrator Mick Michel to look into cost estimates for the equipment regarding Mediacom Channel 8 services. The equipment failed around Christmas time, so the channel, which airs City Council meetings, is not available at this time to local residents.

And the Dyersville City Council has approved pushing up their meeting time from 7 pm to 6 pm on the first and third Mondays of the month.


(photo by Janelle Tucker, KMCH)