Delaware County Setting Aside Money for Future Lake Delhi Bridge

We have a correction on a story we ran earlier this week on KMCH.

On Tuesday, we ran a story in which Delaware County Supervisor Jeff Madlom said setting aside money for a future Hartwick Bridge was one of the county’s priorities this year.

To clarify – it won’t be the Hartwick Bridge – it will be a bridge on the south side of the Lake Delhi dam connecting X-31.

County Engineer Anthony Bardgett says each month, the County is setting aside 25-thousand dollars out of their road use tax funding to help pay for the future bridge. As of right now, there is no scheduled timeline for when the project may start. Bardgett says they first need to find out where all of the money to pay for the bridge is going to come from and schedule the project accordingly.

He says extra right-of-way will also be needed for the project, which has not yet been discussed with any landowners.