Teen Arrested after Two Incidents at Independence Mental Health Institute

A teen has been arrested after starting a couple items on fire at the Mental Health Institute in Independence.

The Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office says the 17-year old girl, who is not being named, was taken into custody last Wednesday and faces several charges in connection to two separate incidents at the Institute’s Four Oaks Girls Unit.

In the first incident last month, the girl assaulted law enforcement after the Sheriff’s Office was called for a small group of girls out of control and fighting each other.

In the second incident last week, the same girl was reported to have a lighter and was attempting to set things on fire, such as paper items. She did light two items on fire, but staff was able to intervene and nothing was damaged. When the Sheriff’s Office responded, the girl again assaulted an officer as well as a Four Oaks staff member.

The teen has been transported to Juvenile Detention and faces several charges, including reckless use of fire and assaulting a peace officer. Charges are pending against a second girl.