Maquoketa Valley Speech Team Earns Conference Title

The Maquoketa Valley High School speech teams kicked off their competition season on a good note this past Saturday at Lisbon High School.

The 10th – 12th grade team earned the conference title. The students performed in twenty-two events, earning twenty-one Division 1 ratings.

Eight groups received first place in such categories as Readers Theatre, Solo Mime and Radio Broadcasting. Four Maquoketa Valley students also received acting awards in the One Act category, including Katilyn Deutmeyer for Best Supporting Actress, Lane Coyle for Best Supporting Actor, Shelby March for Best Actress and Alex Digman for Best Actor.

The next competition for MV’s speech teams is Saturday at the District Large Group Contest in Cascade. Those who earn Division I ratings will continue on to State.

Here are Maquoketa Valley’s speech participants and the complete results from Saturday’s contest:

9th Grade Team
Those involved in Choral Reading, a scripted event focused on voices, include Allison Dunn,
Annisten Trenkamp, Claire Krapfl, Ella Imler, Emerson Whittenbaugh, Krista Ries, Mitch
Heims, Reece Mensen, Sarah Goedken, Tara Goedken, Taya Tucker, & Teige Hunt. Freshmen
have two Radio Broadcasting entries: 108.3 CWSC involves ​Emerson Whittenbaugh, Logan
Johnson, Owen Mensen, Taya Tucker, & Zach Digman and 96.8 BABY involves ​Abbie Sheehy,
Kim Sellner, Payton Beaman, & Sarah Goedken. The Readers Theatre, a scripted event focused
on characters, consists of Andrew Holtz, Andrew Kloser, Ella Imler, Krista Ries, Miguel
Bojorquez, Payton Beaman, Reece Mensen, & Teige Hunt. In Ensemble Acting, students
perform a short play that cannot be over 15 minutes and must be memorized. MV 9th has one
group made up of Andrew Kloser & Madeline Gellersen. The category of Group Improvisation
has students draw topics, pick one, and then create a scene after two minutes of prep time. MV
has two freshmen Group Improvations: Group 2 includes Annisten Trenkamp, Miguel
Bojorquez, Paige Panosh, & Tony Offerman and Group 2 includes Claire Krapfl, Logan
Johnson, & Zoey Mulford. Finally, one freshman group is involved in group mime, which
includes Kailene Chen, Kim Sellner, Paige Panosh, & Zoey Mulford.

10-12th Grade Team
Those involved in Choral Reading are Adrianne Supple, Chloe Roling, Emma Hill, Faith
Hunt, Jaiden Porter, Kelly Winter, Kelsey Ries, Kristin Lucas, Lexi Deutmeyer, Madalynne
Naab, & McKenzie Lansing. The Readers Theatre consists of Abby Holtz, Brody Sevart, Emma
McDowell, Hannah Lahr, Jon Seibert, Lydia Helle, Madison Imler, Mason Lubben, Mitchell
Neuzil, & Shelby March. MV has two TV News groups this year. The first group, GOTH,
consists of Brittany Sabers, Brooklyn Sands, Evan Hoefer, Jordyn Kemp, Josie Young, Kara
Orcutt, Megan Rausch, & Michael Feldmann. TRVL is the second group consisting of Blake
Becker, Carson Wright, Carter Hildebrand, Gracie Gellersen, Kara Leibold, Maci Freiburger, &
Madalynne Naab. Alex Digman, Allie Knipper, Blake Becker, Brenden Hogan, Brian Heims,
Brittany Sabers, Chloe Roling, Dustin Heims, Hannah Lahr, Jon Seibert, Josie Young, Katilyn
Deutmeyer, Lane Coyle, Lexi Deutmeyer, Lucas Johnson, Lucas Rumbo, Maddie Lahr, Morgan
Hermanson, Rejji Smith, Sean Hucker, Shelby March, & Tate Trenkamp perform in One Act, a
category where students have lines memorized and use costumes and props. In Short Film,
students create a storyline that is filmed and edited. Two groups are involved in this area. Group
one (It Can Wait) includes Adrianne Supple, Brooklyn Sands, Grace Wegmann, Hannah Clemen,
Jenna Nefzger, Kara Leibold, Lane Coyle, Madison Imler, & Sam Wall. Group two (The Effect)
consists of Alex Digman, Danielle Schuman, Erika Supple, Maddy Anderegg, & Megan
Wulfekuhle. In Ensemble Acting, MV has three ensemble groups: #1 – Brody Sevart, Kristin
Lucas, Lucas Rumbo, Maddie Lahr, Megan Beaman, & Mitchell Neuzil; #2 – Alex McCusker,
Brooke Wilson, & Mason Lubben; and #3 – Abby Holtz & Faith Hunt. Radio Broadcasting has 2
teams: 93.14 MATH – Carson Wright, Evan Hoefer, Kelsey Ries, Kiesha Stelken, Lucas
Johnson, Megan Rausch, & Norman Wilson; and 122.5 XMAS – Carter Hildebrand, Chad
Neuzil, Daniel Hunter, Erika Supple, & Kailyn Hogan. In Musical Theatre, students sing, act,
and dance. MV has one team, which includes Jenna Nefzger, Kiesha Stelken, & Nicholas Chen.
Three teams of Group Mime perform. Grace Wegmann, Hannah Clemen, Jordyn Kemp, & Kelly
Winter present “Shady Acres.” Allie Knipper, Amber Engelken, Emma Hill, Jaiden Porter, &
Kailyn Hogan perform “Stay with Me.” Lydia Helle, McKenzie Lansing, Megan Beaman, &
Megan Wulfekuhle present “Forgive and Forget.” Three students are involved in Solo Mime:
Dustin Heims, Izabel Niehaus, & Angel Rumbo. Three teams are involved in Group
Improvisation: #1 – Alex McCusker, Angel Rumbo, Brenden Hogan, & Rejji Smith; #2 – Amber
Engelken, Brooke Wilson, Emma McDowell, & Tate Trenkamp; and #3 – Derek Mensen, Izabel
Niehaus, Katilyn Deutmeyer, & Madison McIntyre.

The first contest for the MV speech team was held Saturday, January 13 at Lisbon High
School. Overall, the 9th grade team performed in 8 events: earning 6 Division 1 ratings and 2
Division 2 rating. The 10th-12th grade team performed in 22 events and earned 21 Division 1
ratings and 1 Division 2 rating. Maquoketa Valley’s 10-12th grade team earned the conference
title with 108 points. Eight groups received first place in their categories: 10-12th Readers
Theatre, 10-12th Choral Reading, Ensemble Acting #1, TRVL, 93.14 MATH Radio
Broadcasting, Angel Rumbo’s Solo Mime, Short Film – The Effect, and One Act. Five groups
earned 2nd place in their categories: 9th grade Choral Reading, Ensemble Acting #3, Short Film
#1, 96.8 BABY Radio Broadcasting, and Group Improv #2. Four groups collected third place in
their categories: 9th grade Readers Theatre, Dustin Heims’s Solo Mime, GOTH TV, and 122.5
XMAS Radio Broadcasting. Four students received acting awards in the One Act category: Best
Supporting Actress – Katilyn Deutmeyer, Best Supporting Actor – Lane Coyle, Best Actress –
Shelby March, and Best Actor – Alex Digman.