Arrest Made Following Investigation Of Lake Delhi Death

An arrest has been made in connection with a fatal accident on Lake Delhi that killed Alex Salow of Delhi.  The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office arrested 36 year old Joshua C. Juengel of Manchester on Friday.

Juengel informed investigators that he was in the vehicle with Salow but exited long before it went through the ice on Lake Delhi.  However the investigation at the scene clearly indicated that another person had been in the vehicle when it went through the ice.  Evidence recovered at the scene along with statements from witnesses placed Juengel at the scene.  The sheriff’s office said that they also had evidence that the vehicle was being operated in a reckless manner before plunging through the ice on Sunday night January 7th.  Juengel fled from the scene through a residential area to 197th street and received a ride to Manchester from a passing motorist.

Juengel initially denied being at the scene. A court document says investigators found frozen shoes belonging to Juengel that “smelled of lake water” and matched tracks found at the scene. He eventually told investigators that he was driving that night but was able to escape the sinking vehicle, flee the scene and return home.

Juengel faces charges of Homicide by vehicle and Leaving the scene of an accident, which both felonies along with Reckless driving and Making a false report.  He is currently being held in the Delaware County Jail on $50,000 bond.