Anamosa Lawmaker Leading Effort to Expand Bottle Bill

A bid to EXPAND the state’s bottle deposit law has the support of 41 members of the Iowa House.

Representative Andy McKean, a Republican from Anamosa, is leading the bid to have the nickel deposit applied to bottled water, fruit juice, tea and sports drinks.

Under the state’s 40-year-old “Bottle Bill” consumers pay a five-cent deposit on each container of soft drinks, beer and wine they buy — and they can return the empties and get their deposits back. But many grocers complain about having filthy empties in their stores.

The bill McKean’s touting needs at least 10 more supporters before it could pass the House. The legislation would increase the handling fee for recyclers to make it more profitable to operate a redemption center for bottles and cans.

It’s unclear what will happen to the “Bottle Bill” in the legislature this year — if anything. Several efforts over the past few decades to alter the bill have failed.


(story courtesy of Radio Iowa)