Manchester’s Snow Removal Reminders

Snow has been a rare sight this winter. Up until Monday, Manchester had only received about seven inches since December – way below the 20+ inches we usually see by this time of year.

So, with many of you getting out your shovels and snowblowers for just the second or third time this year, let’s go over a few snow removal reminders from the City of Manchester.

That’s Manchester City Manager Tim Vick, who says if you don’t clear your sidewalks, the City will tag your door – and if it’s not done within 24 hours, the City will remove the snow and send you the bill (and it’s not cheap).

Of course, where you park your car is also something you should keep in mind as we head into tonight.

Crews will start hitting the streets around midnight in Manchester’s residential areas before moving into the downtown around 2 am.

Delaware County’s snow removal crews are also out on the roads. County Engineer Anthony Bardgett asks for everyone’s patience as they make their way around the county.