HS BOWLING: State Qualifying Meets Held Tuesday

By Jon Swisher-Sports Director:

The world of High School Bowling has reached the postseason phase as State Qualifying Meets will be held around the state today. KMCH Sports’s resident Bowling guru Bill Logan has the details:

Cadillac Lanes in Waterloo will serve as the host site of the 2018 State Bowling Meet February 19th-21st. The move to Waterloo comes after Des Moines’ Plaza Lanes, home of the State Bowling Meet since 2007,  was destroyed by a December 18th fire. Cadillac Lanes is a 36-lane facility. The space and number of lanes will allow the boys and girls team to bowl simultaneously. The State Bowling Meet is a three-day event that begins with the Class 1A Tournament taking place on Monday, February 19th. Class 2A will bowl Tuesday, February 20th and the Class 3A State Meet will take place Wednesday, February 21st.