3D Mammograms Now Available at Regional Medical Center

Regional Medical Center is excited to announce that 3D mammograms are now available in their Radiology Department.

“We are so delighted to be able to offer this technology to the women of our community,” said Lynn MacTaggart, Radiology Manager. MacTaggart added that having routine mammograms is extremely important to a woman’s health. “Make sure you’re getting your annual mammograms scheduled!”

Because RMC is a non-profit hospital, they have been fundraising for this potentially life-saving machine since last fall. Community members and RMC employees have so far contributed $24,521… and there is still more to raise.

To learn more about RMC’s new machine and how you can help, visit regmedctr.org/3dmamm. You can also mail donations for the 3D Mammogram System to Regional Medical Center, Attention Donations, P.O. Box 359, Manchester.


(photo courtesy of RMC)