Baumgartner Retires After Two Decades with Extension

A Manchester woman who has spent more than two decades with ISU Extension and Outreach retired earlier this month.

Cindy Baumgartner served Extension in several capacities over the years.

After some time away working as a family and consumer sciences teacher, Baumgartner returned as a youth field specialist in 2004 and then joined the Human Sciences community two years later.

Baumgartner says there is a lot she’ll miss about her time with Extension.

An open house reception for Baumgartner was held on her last day of work, Fri. February 2nd, at the Franklin Street Brewery in Manchester.

 There are plans to fill the Extension’s Human Sciences Nutrition and Wellness Specialist position, which serves Delaware, Dubuque, Jones, Linn and Jackson counties, but it will likely be several months before anyone will be in place.


(photos courtesy of ISU Extension and Outreach of Delaware County)