Delaware County Supervisors Meeting Recap

Delaware County has agreed to offer in-kind office space to Hillcrest Family Services. Hillcrest recently approached Delaware County Community Services, asking if they could use some of their building space to provide outreach education to young adults on a variety of issues. Community Services Director Peggy Petlon says it fits in with other services offered in the building, so the Supervisors have agreed to the in-kind office space one day per month.

The Supervisors have also given their approval for the Delaware County Republicans to host their County Convention in the Delaware County Courthouse courtroom for several hours next Saturday morning, March 10th.

And Delaware County Engineer Anthony Bardgett is warning that the county’s gravel roads may turn soft this week. He says it’s still too early to put rock on the roads just yet – snow is in the forecast for Thursday – so residents will just have to “grin and bear it” for now.