Manchester Police Department Raising Funds for New K-9

The Manchester Police Department is hoping to raise enough funds to purchase a new K-9.

Chief Jim Hauschild says the department’s current police dog, Tya, is nearing retirement… so, it’s time.

When the new dog arrives, Tya will become Officer Comer’s personal pet and Officer Dave Trumblee will become the new K-9 handler. Hauschild says he’ll work with Trumblee to choose the department’s next K-9.

Manchester’s last two K-9s have been dual-purpose dogs – both patrol dogs and drug dogs – helping police by tracking, detecting narcotics, recovering articles, searching building and protecting their handler. And they don’t just serve Manchester – they’ve helped around Delaware County, as well as outside of the county too.

But funding is needed before the department can purchase a new police dog. Hauschild says he’s applied for some local grants, with groups like the Greater Delaware County Community Foundation and the Country Cruisers Car Club already chipping in with donations. He says any help would be appreciated – because police dogs aren’t cheap.

If you’d like to help the Manchester Police Department purchase their next K-9, you can send a donation to the police station at 208 East Main Street or give Chief Hauschild a call at 927-3355.

If all goes well, they hope to have Tya’s replacement by mid to late summer.


(photo by Janelle Tucker, KMCH)