Delaware Co. Pork Board Sets Date for Pie Contest & Auction

The Delaware County Pork Board will hold their annual pie contest and auction next month.

The “Bake It With Lard” Pie Baking Contest and Auction is set for Tuesday, April 10th at the Delaware County Fairgrounds Pavilion in Manchester.

Pies may be entered into the contest from 4:30 to 6:30 that night, with prize money awarded to the top six place finishers. The pies will be auctioned off later in the evening, with 75-percent of the proceeds going to the Delaware County Pork Producer and Porkette Association to be used for pork promotion. The other 25-percent will go into a fund to help renovate the Delaware County Fairgrounds’ swine building.

Dinner will be also be served at 6:30 pm and new little royalty will be crowned. Interested six- and seven-year old candidates for Little Sir Hamalot and Little Miss Pigtails are encouraged to contact Shirley Helmrichs at 920-7591.