No New Trial for Man Convicted of Link’s Murder

DUBUQUE, Iowa (AP) – A judge won’t grant a new murder trial for a man convicted of killing his girlfriend in Dubuque last spring.

Judge Monica Zrinyi Wittig rejected Fontae Buelow’s arguments about juror problems and assertions that 21-year-old Samantha Link stabbed herself to death last March. Link was a Western Dubuque graduate.

The judge reconfirmed a sentencing date of April 25 in the ruling she filed Wednesday in Dubuque County District Court.

Buelow’s attorneys have said a juror who didn’t believe Buelow was guilty was bullied by two other jurors. His attorneys also said the juror was then improperly removed by the judge and replaced with an alternate.

But the two jurors reported to the judge that the removed juror had refused to participate in deliberations and that he had entered the jury room declaring his mind was made up.