Area Meetings Today

Area meetings today include…

The Delaware County Supervisors meeting at 1:15 pm. The County will hold a public hearing on a construction permit application for McDonald Acres near Ryan. They’ll also discuss a proposed revision to the speed limit on X-29 between 275th Street and 250th Street.

The Manchester City Council meets at 5 pm tonight. A public hearing will be held on the proposed vacation of City street right-of-way on a portion of South 7th Street lying south of West Jasper Street and north of the existing railroad right-of-way. A public hearing will also be held on a proposed ten-year lease agreement with the Hartwick Huskys.

The Maquoketa Valley School Board will hold a budget hearing meeting at 5:15 pm on the proposed budget for next school year.

The Ed-Co School Board meets at 5:45 pm, with a public hearing on the 2018-19 budget and calendar.

Also tonight – the Independence School Board meets at 5:30 pm, the West Delaware School Board meets at 6 pm, the Cascade City Council meets at 6 pm and the Edgewood City Council meets at 7 pm.