Dyersville Considering Three Locations for New Roadway & Bridge

The City of Dyersville is considering several options for a new roadway and bridge location.

The goal is to find a good way to give emergency personnel and drivers easier access to areas around town – especially during flood events.

Some portions of Dyersville become cut off from the rest of town when the community floods. For example, the 1st Avenue West neighborhood becomes an “island” until flood waters recede. Access to and from Dyersville’s southside neighborhood also becomes limited to one route using Highway 20. And traffic also tends to become funneled through Highway 136.

So, the City recently directed WHKS engineers to conduct a study on where to add a new roadway and bridge.

The three optional locations are:

13th Avenue Southeast connecting 12th Avenue Southwest over the North Fork Maquoketa River (just north of Highway 20) – which would be functional up to a 100-year flood at a cost of four-point-one to five million dollars;

7th Street Southwest connecting to 1st Avenue West over Bear Creek, which would be functional up to a 50-year flood at a cost of two-point-six to two-point-seven million dollars;

And… Beltline Road extending to X-49 over Bear Creek, which would be functional up to a 25-year flood at a cost of one-point-six million dollars.

WHKS says bringing in fill for these projects will impact FEMA’s flood maps for Dyersville.

It’s possible all three projects could be done at some point, but the City Council’s next step will be prioritizing the options and deciding which one to focus on now.