Manchester Area Employees Honored for Years of Service

Nearly thirty employees from the Manchester area were recognized for their commitment and years of service to their workplaces on Wednesday.

The honors came during the Manchester Chamber’s Professional Staff Luncheon, which was held at The Gathering Place in Manchester.

Businesses that had employees who had reached the 5 year mark, 10 year mark and so on were invited to submit their names to be recognized and received a certificate. And there were several employees who have shown devotion by celebrating 20, 25, 30 and even 35 years at the same workplace or organization. Employees who were honored include:

5 Years

Brittney Blaha-Community Savings Bank

Allison Lynch-GNB Bank

Michaela Monaghan-F&M Bank

Mike Putz-Manchester Press

Elisha Roth-Farm Bureau-Randy Mahoney

Kelly Ruegnitz-Dupaco (last year)

Doris Sherman-Manchester Area Chamber of Commerce

10 Years

Monica Schilling- Turnkey Security Equipment

Greta Elsbernd-Fehr Graham

Sarah Maurer –GNB Bank

Karrie Fischer-Regional Medical Center

Crystal Salow-Community Savings Bank

Courtney Krapfl-Community Savings Bank

15 Years

Trevelle Belden-Citizens State Bank

Beth Carnicle-Regional Medical Center

Debra Gassman-Good Neighbor Society

20 Years

Tim Boeckenstedt-Dupaco

Barb Drew-Citizens State Bank

Rachel Leytem-Community Savings Bank

Rhonda Mensen-KMCH

Ryan Wicks-Fehr Graham

25 Years

Elaine Diesburg-Community Savings Bank

Barb Recker-F&M Bank

Dave Smith-GNB Bank

30 Years

Kerri Linderwell-Good Neighbor Society

Sandra Wegmann-Community Savings Bank

35 Years

Elaine Funke-Community Savings Bank

Gordon Goettsch-Board of Directors at F&M Bank