Record Heat Caused Some Highways to Buckle

The record heat over Memorial Day weekend led the pavement to buckle on several highways across the state, including on Highway 20 near Farley.

D-O-T assistant director of maintenance, Ken Morrow (More-oh), says there were some pretty severe buckles and blowouts in the past few days.

The buckling or blowouts happen when water gets under the pavement and heats up and the steam pushes up the pavement like the top coming off a boiling pan of water.  Morrow says they try to prevent this from happening using drains along the roadways.

Morrow says they usually come out and push down the buckled concrete and put on a temporary patch to get traffic moving. He says they most often have to come back later and do a full cut of the concrete to fill in where the pavement buckled.

Buckled pavement is a little more common in late summer, but it’s unusual for this time of year… especially considering the DOT just had their snowplows out on the roads last month.


(audio courtesy of Radio Iowa)