Statue Inspired by Grant Wood Arrives in Anamosa

A statue inspired by artist Grant Wood has arrived in Anamosa.

At a towering 25 feet tall, it features the farming couple from Grant Wood’s famous “American Gothic” painting. Crews were busy putting the sculpture in place Tuesday morning.

That’s Chamber Director LeeAnna Boone, who says it’s meaningful to the Anamosa community to have this piece of art honoring Grant Wood.

The newly-arrived statue is called “God Bless America” and it was made by an artist in California. It has made its way across the country and was most recently in Elkhart, Indiana. But Boone says they’re hoping they can keep it in Anamosa for good.

A celebration was held in Anamosa on Tuesday in honor of the statue coming to town, with the community enjoying kids’ art events, live bands, a local food truck, a dunk tank and free ice cream.


(photo courtesy of Anamosa Chamber)