Buchanan County Authorities Warn of Phone Scam

The Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office is warning the public of a phone scam.

They say one resident received a phone call last week from a person identifying themselves as a lieutenant with the Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office. The scammer told the resident that they had active arrest warrants – and since they had no other criminal history, the “Lieutenant” could get their bond reduced to $500.  The catch in this was that the person had to go to a local store, purchase a pre-paid card in the amount of $500 and give the PIN number to the scammer as the “bond” to be collected.

At least one resident fell victim to the scam. The Sheriff’s Office has also taken reports from other residents that have also received this type of phone call, but did not comply with the demands.

If you receive this kind of phone call, hang up and call the Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office.