One Year Since Prairieburg Tornado

Last night marked one year since a tornado touched down in northern Linn County.

The EF-2 tornado caused damage and destruction in Prairieburg and rural portions of the county. One person was injured and damaged Nagel Grain, a business that chose to rebuild. Improvements have also been made to other areas of Prairieburg, including the rebuilding of a park.

The tornado was first spotted as a funnel cloud over the Linn County fairgrounds on the fair’s opening night. This year, the fair is selling t-shirts commemorating the event that say “Come for the Funnel Clouds – Stay for the Funnel Cakes!” Proceeds from the t-shirt sales will help pay for a grounds PA system that can be used in future emergency situations. The t-shirts are $15 each and available through the Linn County Fair’s website.