4-H Clothing Event Winners

The 4-H Clothing Event was held Monday, June 25th at the Fairgrounds Community Center. The Clothing Event featured three different clothing classes that youth participated in. They included; Fashion Revue, Clothing Selection, and the $15 Challenge. This year there was a total of 43 entries.

In the Fashion Revue, youth must construct and sew an outfit to wear. The top winners in the Fashion Revue category were Belle McGovern, Brycelynn Hutchinson, and Kaya Knipper.

Youth who participated in the Clothing Selection class purchased an outfit for a particular purpose or event. Taking home top honors in the Clothing Selection were Belle McGovern, Brycelynn Hutchinson, Kaya Knipper, and Lainey Knipper.

In the $15 Challenge, outfits must be purchased at a garage sale, consignment store, Goodwill, Salvation Army, or similar place. Youth must spend no more than $15 on their outfit. The top winners for the $15 challenge were Belle McGovern, Brycelynn Hutchinson, and Lainey Knipper.