Project AWARE Volunteers Cleaning Up Maquoketa River

Project AWARE is continuing their trek down the Maquoketa River in Delaware County.

Rebecca Kauten, a volunteer with Project AWARE who is from Cedar Falls, says after a short float down to Bailey’s Ford on Monday and after a second night camping out at Tirrill Park in Manchester, the group of volunteers will be making their way to Hopkinton today, with a special focus of cleaning up the area just south of Lake Delhi dam.

Over 400 volunteers are helping this week, with around 300 volunteers giving a hand each day. They’re expected to pick up about 40 tons of trash this week, with most of that able to be recycled in the state. Manchester City Parks and Rec Director Doug Foley says they appreciate the help.

If you’d like to volunteer this week with the clean-up effort – and get out there on the river in a canoe picking up trash – you’re more than welcome. Canoes, paddles and meals are all provided. Just show up at their next campsite and let them you know want to help for a half a day, an entire day or the rest of the week – you can find more info online at



(photos courtesy of Lori Scovel/Project Aware Facebook page)